Super tasty muffins!


  1. How to order food?

    1. Find a meal on our mobile app, on the map or in the list.
    2. Contact the cook through the chat, agree on a time and location to meet.
    3. Meet the cook, pay and get your meal.
    4. Rate the cook, give constructive feedback.
  2. What if I'm late?
    Please let the cook know and agree whether to keep the transaction or not.


  1. Who can cook?
    Everyone, that's our motto! However, we ask you to follow strict hygiene rules (see the paragraph on hygiene).

  2. What can I cook?
    The only limit is your imagination, you are free to cook what you want.

  3. Is it free?
    For now, Tasti is free.

  4. How to sell a meal?

    1. Create a new meal on our mobile app. Take a picture, fill in the name, description, price and your location.
    2. Wait for a customer to contact you through the chat, we you receive a notification.
    3. Agree with a customer on the location and time to meet, and confirm the transaction.
    4. Meet your customer and proceed to the transaction.
    5. Rate your customer.
  5. How to take a good picture of my meal ?

    1. The critical aspect is lighting, avoid using a flash and if possible use natural light.
    2. Try different angles.
    3. You can play with the white balance, it can drastically improve your picture.

Best practices

  1. Consider keeping boxes (preferably recyclable or aluminum) ready for delivery at your home.
  2. Consider bringing disposable ustensils with the meal in case your customer will eat out.
  3. Please respect the agreed meeting time and location.
  4. Smile :)

Basic rules of hygiene

  1. The Five keys to safer food manual is an exhaustive source of information. You can find other recommendations on the website of Canton de Vaud.
  2. Basic rules
    1. Cooks must have good personal hygiene and clean and appropriate clothes for cooking.
    2. Persons with (potential) transmissible diseases/illnesses must not propose meals.
    3. Animals must be kept away from the materials and equipment used for cooking.
    4. Cross-contamination must be eliminated e.g. eliminating direct contact between raw materials from cooked products and eliminating contact with kitchen equipment used for raw materials with cooked products.
    5. Cooks must not smoke close to prepared meals.
    6. All fruit and vegetables must be thoroughly washed.
    7. Meals must be stored and transported such that they are not contaminated with any other substances.
    8. Transportation must be kept to a minimum to guarantee food safety. Meals must be delivered when fresh and still warm. Otherwise, they must be kept at a maximum of 5°C if not for immediate consumption.
    9. Frozen meals must be kept at a maximum of -18°C.
    10. Avoid preparing meals with raw meat or fish, the safety risks are very high.


Legal requirements vary depending on your geographical location. It is your responsability to follow your local legislation and manage your own taxes.